What is the working principle of a medical nebulizer?


Working principle of medical ultrasonic atomizer
The high-frequency current generated by the ultrasonic atomizer passes through the ultrasonic transducer installed in the atomizing cylinder, which converts the high-frequency current into sound waves of the same frequency. The ultrasonic generated by the transducer passes through the coupling effect in the atomizing cylinder and the ultrasonic thin film at the bottom of the atomizing cup, allowing the ultrasonic wave to directly act on the liquid in the atomizing cup. When ultrasonic waves are transmitted from the bottom of the cup to the surface of the liquid medicine, the liquid gas interface, which is the interface between the liquid medicine surface and the air, is subjected to the action of ultrasonic waves perpendicular to the interface (i.e. energy effect), causing the formation of tension waves on the surface of the liquid medicine. As the energy of the surface tension wave increases, when the energy of the surface tension wave reaches a certain value, the peak of the tension wave on the surface of the liquid medicine also increases, Make the liquid mist particles at its peak fly out (the diameter of the mist particles decreases with the increase of ultrasonic frequency).


Working principle of medical compression nebulizer
The application of medical compression atomizers is based on the principle of the Venturi effect. Generally, the compressed gas generated by the gas compressor is used as the driving source to generate and transmit the gas mist. When the compressed air generated by the compressor is sprayed out of the nozzle, the negative pressure generated between the nozzle and the suction pipe is used to suck up the medicine liquid. The aspirated liquid impacts the upper partition and becomes a very fine mist that sprays out towards the outside.


Working principle of mesh atomizer
Through the vibration of the vibrator up and down, the liquid medicine is squeezed out through the holes of the nozzle type mesh spray head, and spray is made by using micro ultrasonic vibration and the structure of the mesh type spray head.